Sasquatch New Beginnings #1

Thank you so much, to all the backer/supporters!!!

Put your hands together for Christopher Runciman, artist and Co-creator of 'Sasquatch New Beginnings'! Christopher has done an amazing job illustrating and promoting SNB through his YouTube channel which I suggest to go an checkout! HERE

There has been an amazing coming together of indie creators and supporter alike to make this project come to life, which I'm extremely thankful for... you peeps know who your are, thank you :) Sharing posts, chatting and promoting this book all the way to the final hours of this campaign... what an amazing indie community, so pat yourselves on the back for this small win!

We're extremely excited to set in motion the next phase in production, which is getting the book ready for the printers!  Digital rewards will be sent out once we've finalized the printed version of 'Sasquatch New Beginnings #1'.

I'm also excited to announce the our next book is already in the process of being approved for launch, so be sure to keep an eye out for Tardigrade's next offering "Sasquatch Vikings #2'

Greatly appreciated,

Chad Leduc

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