Coming to Kickstarter Sept 15th 2022!

Coming to Kickstarter Sept 15th 2022!

Kickstarter Sept 15th - Oct 9th 2022

We're excited to announce the launching of our newest project on Kickstarter, 'Sasquatch New Beginnings #1'  Be sure to head on over and click the NOTIFY ME button to help strengthen our algorithm!  Thanks, Tardigrade Press :)

Follow the humble miner Jebediah as he hunts for elusive gold veins in the iconic setting of British Columbia's northern Klondike region.  Jeb has a fateful encounter with a mysterious, monstrous beast in the wilderness, and his life and career will never be the same.  
This tale of suspense and terror is brought to you by Tardigrade Press and co-created by writer/artist Christopher Runciman, and Dawn of Sasquatch creator/writer Chad Leduc.
Sasquatch New Beginnings Cover art

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