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  • Kickstarter Launch - Aug 1st

    'Sasquatch Vikings'  Issue #2 - The Great Old One, a tale of a vicious Viking raid upon an unsuspecting coastal village and its indigenous people, who share the land with a peaceful, highly developed Sasquatch population. The indomitable Viking warrior Gorm and his ruthless, cunning second Revna lead the Vikings in their sojourn to the New World.  Their reckless but utterly devastating raid unleashes a series of events that will change everything for the people of the land, including the Sasquatch Lorekeeper known as Heartweaver, and the indigenous scout Fleet Fox and her father, the Chieftain called Bear-that-sleeps.


  • Silver-Sparrow

    COMING TO KICKSTARTER SOON - The Silver Sparrow Issue #1 is a classic superhero tale set in creator Chad Leduc's Biologicals Universe.  Sparrow battles crime syndicates and corporate overlords alike in her iconic battle-suit on the troubled planet of Devora - where greed, cruelty and control rule the day.  Follow our beautiful hero Nya as she reckons with her father's dark corporate legacy and decides to take matters on Devora into her own hands!  This new comic from Tardigrade Press is brought to you by the creative team of writer Leah Karlstetter, Penciler Felipe Aguirre, and inker Alan Motta.

  • Lacewing #1

    COMING 2023 - This epic story is part of the 'Biologicials' universe! We move to the cockpit of the LMCCecropia (Lariox Mining Corporation) – a small, single pilot survey and reconnaissance ship belonging to the Lariox Corp.   Its current mission is a resource survey of a sector of the asteroid belt that includes the Rogue Moon.

  • “So excited to have had the chance to read this fantastic first offering from these new Canadian comic creators.  Not only does the art convey the emotion and impact of the story wonderfully but the writing weaves a tale of behavioural analysis with the actuality of how people react in primal situations.  I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.”

    – Christopher Runciman, writer/artist of Elmwood, Space Opera Story and Stream of Conceitedness

  • “Sasquatch: Klondike is a unique story with true Canadian roots that unfolds its full creepy potential through its stark black and white imagery. Following in the footsteps of settlers and monster alike this enjoyable read will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.”

    -Andrew Tong, Artist/Illustrator of Variant Cover, Sasquatch; Klondike #1

  • "...Chad and Johnny have managed to not only lure the elusive beast out of hiding, but have added unique layers to the legend with a gripping story and stylized art that feels true to the time period. You don’t have to believe Sasquatch exists to believe in this fun new comic series. If you are like me, you will support your Canadian indie creators and the new legends they are making for you! I can’t wait to see how this story will unfold, how it will creep out of hiding from the dark, mysterious North and enter our nightmares.”

    – Casey Parsons, Artist/Cover Illustrator (DC, Image, Cauldron…)

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